So, I totally re-did my website because it was collecting dust. I needed to have it be real and up-to-date with what's going on in my life right now due to the fact that my businesses have taken off. I have now added the pages that matter, and while I'm not focusing on blogging per say, I'm going to at least blog about the things that matter.

What is your website going to include?

Eventually, I will have my creative group featured here, etc. I want to talk about the group, who's in it, what we're doing, etc. I'm going to add my photography section and in there I will add my current projects, techniques, and just post some of my work. This WILL not be my portfolio, but I will link it soon. And last but not least, of course I want to continue blogging, just not right now. I'll also include a page about me where you can see who I've worked with, who I am, and even download my media kit!

what kind of resources will you be adding?

I want to be able to add Instagram freebies, because I'm so active on it. And maybe some Lightroom presets to edit your work 🙂

where do i go for photography packages and prices?

If you want to book me for a photography session, this isn't my actual photography page. It will be linked in here somewhere, but this site is not dedicated to packages, pricing, and booking.