I celebrated my Earth Day with Evian®!

I celebrated my Earth Day with Evian®!

I have the craziest story as to why I had to rebrand and why I had to start my blog all over. The internet pretty much swallowed my blog into a black hole. I lost everything. I didn’t dwell on it, though. I also decided to start with a post I’m very excited about! 🙂

It’s always important to stay true to yourself, but being able to explore better options for yourself is the highlight of staying true to what you believe in. That’s why this Earth Day, my goal was to change something about my care routine that would

  • 1) benefit me
  • 2) be healthier for me
  • 3) and be healthier for the environment. 

Evian® is also committed to being better all around. Their cans are 100% recyclable…. being eco-friendly is important. In my city, we are made to recycle every week!
This is why I was really excited to try out their facial spray (which is now part of my skincare routine.) It’s crazy because it’s just natural mineral water. Kind of like infused. So, it tones, hydrates, and helps your skin recover it’s natural essential water balance. You can use it as a moisturizer, a setting spray, or just a facial spray for your skin period.
What amazed me was the setting spray option. I mean, after makeup you just spray it on and it kinda feels like your face is just drenched, and you’re left feeling kind of confused as to why you just did that (LOL) but, a couple of minutes later the makeup was legit set and just completed the dewy look, it brought everything together and it really blended things. My mouth dropped, y’all.
My mother also used it on her, she was peeling from a sunburn in Colombia, she used it as well to help her skin. She was also my model for this particular campaign because her skin obviously needed it 😛 & she was the truest testimonial to have. It really helped 🙂

(I used my mother as my model, lol.)

Some interesting things I found on their website:
“Evian Facial Spray was originally introduced in France in 1962 at the request of doctors for use on burn patients. It was the first facial water spray in France and was introduced as the first facial spray in the United States in 1978.

The Wilkes Group was founded in 1976 and has distributed Evian Facial Spray since 1978. The company is focused primarily on prestige distribution at retail and luxury resorts/hotels that buy the product as a room, cabana, or poolside amenity.”

I highly suggest on investing in things that benefit you. Your mental health really gets a boost from investing in good quality things for yourself. It really helps me, too 🙂

Happy belated Earth Day, guys!

this was a sponsored post brought to you by Evian®


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