Mother’s Day or Spa Day?

Mother’s Day or Spa Day?

Pictured above is my wonderful, gorgeous mom. She lets me use her for campaigns all the time, I swear!

Let’s dive right in today about how important it is to do something for your mother, not just on Mothers Day, but every day. I know right, so cliche, how many people actually do it? At least try and make it a goal. My mother is pretty much my mom and dad, and at times it saddens me that I feel as if I don’t give her enough credit. Little things go such a long way when someone isn’t used to you doing small things for them. Even asking someone how their day went is a form of showing you care.

My mom has always worked so much, and to this day, she still just wants us to succeed, in hopes that one day we can really take care of her. (That’s not the reason, but it’s my reason, so yeah.) This Mother’s Day, she actually worked some overtime, and the rest of the Day was ours. Besides us making dinner for her, us gathering as a family, and doing all of the Mothers Day shenanigans…. I wanted her to relax a little.

I remembered that Neutrogena had sent me these hydro gel masks, and because of the amazing quality of them, I did not want to touch one unless I did it with her.

That being said, we had your typical girls night. We washed our faces, did the face mask, and had fun while doing it. Again, it’s the little things.

So, a Neutrogena Hydro Gel Mask?

Sign me up, right???

You want to do this after washing your face 🙂

Just use your normal routine cleanser, etc.

After that, you get to take the masks out of the package!

Because everyone has a different skin type, please make sure you’re using the one that is good for your type of skin.

I used the Deep Clean® Purifying 100% Hydrogel Mask: Instantly hydrates for refreshed skin. This peel-off hydrogel face mask with seaweed extract contains 50% more essence than ordinary paper masks leaving your skin purified and healthy looking.

&& my mother used the Radiance Boost Brightening 100% Hydrogel Mask: Boosts skin’s radiance and smooth skin’s texture. This innovative hydrogel face mask with vitamin B3 leaves your skin looking luminous, evenly toned, and radiant.

Trust me, after reading all of this, what it does, we were so excited! Taking out of the package was interesting. There is a LOT of serum that is in the package. Yes, it’s fully soaked, just be careful taking it out. Sometimes that can make it a bit hard to know what side you’re supposed to use.

Because of the hydro gel, it literally sticks to your face in a contour like way. In the moment, I knew why it was better than the paper ones. You literally feel the difference. It’s so refreshing.

About 15-30 minutes and you’re done. As you can see, mom and I really took this seriously lol. She had fun, and got a good pampering in the process. Your skin cones out so smooth, refreshed, cool, and your pores are closed and smaller. It really makes a difference, and for now, I think I’ll put this in my beauty regimen ❤️

Below are the clickable links to check them out 🙂

One // Two // Three // Four // Five

I hope you guys had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend. I sure did, I just can’t wait to give her the world!


This post was Sponsored and provided by Neutrogena.

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