My top 3 tips to help your anxiety

My top 3 tips to help your anxiety

Hey everyone!

So, I officially downloaded the app to my phone. This means I can write wherever from now on and get it out there. I think we're going to be using this site way more now that it caters to every field that I'm currently focusing on at the moment.

I got to explore this week with a really good friend of mine that I adore so much. I finally got to see a cupcake ATM. Completely love this idea. And, you don't have to talk to anyone lol.

The photos in this post represent my version of pushing through my anxiety and pushing myself to explore in a busy area, and in an area I'm not familiar with.

That being said, I wanted to talk about anxiety. If it's social anxiety, or some kind of anxiety, most of us tend to have it now a days.

I still struggle with it everyday, and that's okay. But, you have to try even when it gets hard.

I used to be so outgoing myself, and I still am, but it isn't the same now that I am in a field where I am my own boss. I fight it every day and even sometimes have to push myself to even step outside. What has helped me is to have plan A all the way to plan z. These are just the first top three things that I would do, either before my day gets started to get my brain pumping on what I'm going to conquer today, or I do it when I'm about to have a panic attack or just got out of one. It's a process, and some of us have to fight harder than others, but always push to the light. The point of having these backup plans, is so that when you're going through this, your brain is already going to be conditioned into thinking what to do to get your mind from running even more. Because let's face it, if it hits us too hard, we get talked out of what we want to do.

  • Challenge myself to step outside.

This really depends on how bad it is for me. Sometimes I just go outside in my driveway to feel the sun on my face or the wind. We never are just in the moment. We're always thinking about things in our head and it makes us not be time present. Be present, think about nothing and it feels good. If you can't, focus on the wind and really break it down for yourself so you can enjoy it.

If you're down to explore, mix it up with things you love to do. I love to take photos (obviously) and so one thing that has really kept me on my toes is going downtown and taking photos of the cool coffee shops, or the nice macaroons, just anything I'm around.

  • Do something different than you did yesterday.

It's so, SO, good to do something different everyday. It doesn't need to be that you went to the aquarium and tomorrow you go to the zoo. It can literally be as small as "today, I looked myself in the mirror and stood there until I felt good about myself." It can also be, "today, instead of bottling things up, i called a friend." Start to break behavioral habits.

  • Read a self help book.

Jesus. I loooove self help books, because I apply what I learn and I become a way better person for it. I'm really picky about the books I read- I like to feel as if I can see the authors personality. It's in the way they write. I currently have around four books that need to be read. I just finished one 🙂

While I'm no expert, I just always think having a community that is honest, going through it themselves, really helps us all to understand different ways that we teach ourselves to cope.

So much love,

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