Why I quit my job to pursue my creative career!

Why I quit my job to pursue my creative career!

Mwhahahah. I feel like it’s about to get reaaaaal personal. But, have at it!

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I actually didn’t think this option was going to win, but I really would like to take the time to give you depth into who I am in the process of writing this. I don’t really get real personal online and like to keep it business casual but I would like that to change…. yknow. Slowly. Lol.

I actually was working at an airline company in which I absolutely loved what I did. I started off as a gate agent, got to move to the training department, trained my own class, became a lead, taught classes at headquarters, got offered a better job mainline. I learned so much in the 3.5 years that I was there and got to experience what it was like being serious about business. It wasn’t easy. I definitely matured throughout the process. But, I loved that I could show how passionate I was about things people weren’t. Like customer service, business, and networking. I could write my own emails. Hold my own meetings. Present myself well and also fight for my respect all at once. I definitely couldnt at first, but yknow. Things changed.

But, the pressure was so real for me in my own head that I started to get panic attacks at work. I was with my current partner who was so supportive of the fact that sometimes I would have to call in because anxiety was real.

I would throw up every morning before work because the anxiety was that bad, followed by the shakes. I spent a good 3 hours preparing mentally to go to work.

This is not okay. No matter what. No matter the job. Especially when you make the issue known and no one cares. Because you’re just a worker. A replaceable human being in their eyes. They used to tell us that all of the time.

A lot of things happened in that process that led me to my decision. I tried to use the resources at work and go through the third party system that determined wether or not it was a big issue that i was experiencing these things after my doctor sent over an entire packet of my test results and expectations. I spoke to my family and I spoke to my lovely boyfriend. I went in the next day, turned my badge, keys, and uniform in. I left.

I only did this because I had a plan. And I had support. I’m one of the lucky ones, and I realize most aren’t. This is why I’m humble.

I got to attend college and pursue marketing. I turned my photography into a business and welcomed myself into the micro-influencing world. I learned to take my creative career and bridge the gap with business. I realized my worth and so did my loved ones.

R E W I N D <<<<<<<

Now, when I was 11 years old, I started this role playing thing online. Everyone was editing photos so cool and I wanted to learn. You could actually google my role play name and so many things would come up. So many people knew me and would make gossip sites. It was a whole nother world. Anyways, that’s when I learned Adobe Photoshop and took interest in coding HTML and photography. Ever since then I have always built my knowledge. I started so early and didn’t even realize the advantage I was making for myself because I loved it.

Many people don’t believe that I even have all of this background, and so they think my recent successes have come randomly. They haven’t. I have always worked hard. And, I have always known that having substance is important. Having depth, and a why.

I think it’s important to go after what you’ve always been good at and passionate about. At that point, you can already provide things bag others haven’t.

We struggled at first financially because my boyfriend was the only one paying rent, car note, bills, etc. He took all of this on because he believed in me and he literally saw all of my talents. There is nothing wrong with going for it. But do it at the right time. Because I’m not even saying my time was the right time.

But I got SO lucky to meet somebody like him. Love unselfishly.

That’s my story and that’s my why, guys.

Live yours. Write yours.


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