The Shooting Process
Portraits/Couples/Seniors/Toddlers: Shooting with me is like shooting with a friend! I'm completely myself because it's important to make you comfortable (as I know being in front of the camera is you being as vulnerable as ever)
I usually break down a few techniques that will help in posture and proceed by easing in simple poses at first. I then have you do small actions so I can photograph the perfect moments. 
I do guide you in the posing process, so it's not up to you to stay up in front of the mirror all night and practice. I got you! ;)
I like to utilize one location. We usually walk down the street we're shooting at so we can get a variety of different "vibes." Don't worry, what you think is a simple building makes for a great photo!
I'm really easy going and I aim to make you feel like you never have in front of a camera!
Events/Business/Content: Brand identity, brand representation, customer service, and business ethics are all important to me. Catering to photography and content needs based on your vision is what I aim for. I take pride in the ability to be business oriented while throwing vision and creativity into the mix. Maintaining and creating long term partnerships is another one of my goals and molds my mindset. I hope I can represent you or help you in any kind of way!